Nothing changes too much with the Infinti this year mostly because it is just that good and that popular. However one upgrade from last year is its celliant lining on the core chest and back panels. The Inifinti differs from the Revolt and Drylock mostly in that it has less celliant lining throughout and the Infinit has taped glued and blind stitched seams rather that fusion welded seams of the Drylock. All in all it means you're still getting the superb Xcel quality that they've built their reputation on at a better value price that is still gonna keep you toasty warm and comfy through winter. If you're looking at the Xcel Infinti and you're new tot he wetsuit market let me tell you that you're looking at one of the most popular suits on the market. Xcel has built a reputation on getting it right consistently while at the same time pushing the envelope with innovations that deliver valid improvements.At the top of their performance features Xcel's exclusive Thermo Dr :: Women > Wetsuits Size: 12,14,08,10.