ION Wetsuits - ION 2.5mm Long Jane Wetsuit - Black :: Women > Wetsuits. Limestone Neoprene: Highly elasticated and eco friendly. Performance and\n sustainability combinedCyber Soft: ION's most elastic jersey made even softerSUP Concept: Provides comfortable warmth for the legs & freedom of movement\n for the armsHot Stuff Plush Jersey: Extraordinary heat retention and great elasticityS Type Neoprene: Warm. lightweight and one of the most elastic neoprene\n types on the marketD Fence Nylon: Robustness and good stretchFlat Stitch Seams: Flexible. non irritating seams that allow water to\n pass in and out of the suit to regulate temperatureVelcro Adjuster: Two broad shoulder velcro provide way entry and size\n adjustmentCrash Padz: Additional neoprene pads that protect the shins. ribs. crotch.\n hips. tail bone against pressure and impact Size: X-Small.