Three Best Surf Holiday Destinations in Europe

There are few places as fun during the summer as Europe for surfing.  Festivals happening each weekend, lots of culture, gorgeously hot sunny weather, all the different countries mixing things up by going on holiday.  There are so many surf spots to discover it can be difficult to decide where to go on holiday.  It is all about choosing your surf holiday destination so that you can maximise as many waves as possible.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1- Ericeira, Portugal

If you are thinking about surfing Portugal, then Ericeira is the surf destination to head to.

Ericeira, Portugal Picture

One of only three world surfing reserves, the town and coastline is stunning.  Whether you are learning to surf, or wanting to progress, there are countless waves within easy walking or driving distance.

Surf and hangout at Foz do Lizandro beach before heading back to town, exploring the winding cobblestone streets and treating yourself to a well earned coffee or beer.

Find out more information about surfing holidays in this area of Portugal by following this link

2- Hossegor, France

Renowned for hosting the Quiksilver Pro France each Autumn, Hossegor in the South West corner of France is surfing mecca in the summer.

Attracting surfers from all over Europe with its fun waves, great weather, and party scene, the small surfing town is a perfect surf holiday destination.

 Hossegor France Image

Get up early for a dawn session in the glassy smooth waves before heading to the local boulangerie and having a breakfast of fresh croissant and pain au chocolat.

3- Corralejo, Fuerteventura

Known as the European Hawaii, the Spanish Canary Island of Fuerteventura gets some of the best waves and weather in Europe all year round. 

corralejo fuerteventura surf

The island is ideal for anyone looking to learn to surf, as it always has a coastline where smaller waves can be found, plus the water temperature is so mild that you can easily get away with board shorts and a rash vest, or a summer shorty.

 Make the most of your time there by exploring the north track of the island for some of the best surf… whether you surf some of the spots, or simply admire as the pros drop into massive waves.

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