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Surfboards are quite expensive and this is why thieves love to steal them and sell them on. Have you ever wondered how it would affect you if somebody stole your surfboard? The average new surfboard costs around £500 to £800 depending on length and construction. Loosing this kind of money can be a real stinger on the pocket. When a surfboard is stolen, it’s not just the financial loss that is hard to deal with, it’s the fact that you are without a board. Being a surfer and not having a board really sucks!

If you have ever been unfortunate enough to snap a surfboard, you will know that even if you get it put back together, it will never surf the same. A snapped surfboard after it has been repaired always weighs heavier. This is because additional cloth and glass is used to provide strength to the repair. This means you are left with a board which doesn’t perform as it did, and the likely hood is you will have to buy new board. It’s quite unlucky to snap a board, but it does happen, especially if you surf boards with light glass. Longboards are more prone to snapping because they have more surface area and leverage to snap. However, shortboards can snap as well, if a wave hits the board in the right place, or the nose bottoms the sand, this could mean a snapped board.

I have always surfed Polyester surfboards, this is the most common construction for a surfboard. Performance longboards are constructed with light weight glass and have thin rails to improve maneuverability. The down side to having a longboard with light glass and thin rails is that it’s more likely to snap. I snapped two boards in one year and this ended up costing me a lot of money. I finally opted for a Surftech longboard, because these boards are made from Epoxy and are stronger than conventional PU boards. However, they cost a lot more to buy, around £700 for a 9’0 performance longboard. After investing this kind of money I looked into insurance.

I was totally unaware of insurance for surfboards until a friend of mine suggested that I should insure my surfboards. Most home insurance will cover accidental damage and theft of a surfboard. However, they won’t insure your board if it snaps in the water. If you want to insure your surfboard for theft and all accidental damage, in or out of the water, specialised surfboard insurance is needed. After searching the internet for companies which provide such cover, I came across a company called Insure My Boat. They specialise in marine vehicle insurance, but also offer cover for surfboards.

The insurance policy covers theft if the surfboard is locked inside a car, secure garage or shed. Accidental damage covers snapped boards in or out of the water, as well as other types of accidental damage. Also the insurance policy provides personal accident cover, so if you cause injury the policy covers you up to £300000. To insure my surfboard for £750 was £54 for a year with £50 excess. This covered me for loss, accidental damage and 3rd party liability cover within the UK. If I wanted the policy to cover me while traveling, I was informed I would have to contact the broker and they would take an additional fee to provide cover worldwide.

It was lucky I did take out the insurance, because 3 weeks later I snapped my £750 board. I placed the claim and insuremyboat paid in full for the snapped board. The whole process was a hassle free experience. I would recommend getting surfboard insurance for sure!

There’s not a lot of companies out there which provide surfboard insurance, but if you have a search you will find a company which will suit your needs. Below are the details for the insurance company i used.

Insure My Boat
CETA House
Cromwell Business Park
Chipping Norton Oxon

0845 450 5126

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  1. phil June 4, 2013 at 4:07 pm #

    I cant understand why anybody would insure their surfboard through any means apart from their house insurance? Why didn’t you just put it on your house insurance, rather than getting additional insurance? Anyway, i have my boards covered with direct-line and i made a claim for accidental damage when my firewire snapped. Very easy process and only cost me £24pcm to insure my contents up to £40k.

    Definitely worth getting insurance for sure, wont argue with that.

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