The first of a three volume set of guides which cherry pick world surf zones allowing surfers to plan their itinerary. Vol 1 focuses on the most famous surfing zones around the planet. Broken into 9 regional chapters the introductions include detailed descriptions of the Oceanography and Meteorology for each regional chapter including when to find the best waves forecasting water temps and tidal info. Each of the 80 zone spreads focus on a particular area and provide accurate wave descriptions a detailed zone map swell wind and water temperature tables plus quick reference pros and cons and an easy to use monthly guide showing when to go. Travel Information includes getting there getting around accommodation food and night life culture climate dangers costs crowds visas equipment and water quality. For more information on which zone each volume covers click the ''Zone Info'' link above right. :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. Beautifully presented maps and photosStormrider surf guide bookA must have item for anyone who loves travelling and surfingUp-to- date. reliable surf information Size: one size.