Wetsuit Boots

Wetsuit boots are essential part of cold water surfing to keep feet warm in freezing waters. As your feet are predominately in the water, it’s a good idea to invest in some good quality boots. Also wetsuit boots can be used in warmer climates, which are known as reef shoes, these boots prevent feet becoming cut up on a sharp reef. As this kind of boot is usually worn in warm waters, the neoprene is only 2mm thick.
Which thickness of neoprene your boots have is going to influence how warm they keep your feet in cold waters. The colder the water demands your boots to have thicker neoprene. Depending on where you surf, and at what point of the season, will determine which thickness of wetsuit boots you will need. Water temperatures ranging from 12-9c will demand you wear 5mm wetsuits boots, anything below this and 6mm, or 7mm are suggested. 3mm boots will often be only worn in waters of around 12-15c.