Rash Vests


Rash vests or rash guards are made of lycra which is made of materials such as nylon, or polyester. These materials give the garment ultimate stretch and quick dry properties. Being light weight and quick drying the rash vests are ideal to be used for beach activates such as surfing, snorkelling and other watersports. Due to their UV protective properties the vest will keep skin covered and protected agianst harmful rays from the sun. Sunburn is a massive problem and UV rays will damage the skin. Most rash vests have SPF protection which stops the skin being exposed to harmful UV rays. UV protection is most important; especially for children that's why all our rash guards are SPF 50+.

Rash vests are commonly worn underneath a wetsuit to stop prolonged rubbing by the wetsuit on the skin. Irritation from the wetsuit rubbing on the skin is mainly due to wrinkled or creased areas in the wetsuit, mainly underneath the armpits. Rash vests are made with smooth material helps keep barrier between the skin and wetsuit to prevent such rubbing causing a red rash.

Rash vests are made in a number of different styles to suit the user's needs, such as long sleeved, short sleeved, capped sleeved, high collar and thermal. High neck rash guards can also help keep the collar of the wetsuit from causing rubbing and scabs on the neck area. Thermal rash vests can be used for an extra layer of insulation underneath a wetsuit to provide extra warmth in cold waters. This type oif vest is made out of polyester material which has a fleece lining to give extra insulation.