, Suit: RIPCURL INSULATOR 3/2 CZ 2013 Thickness - 3/2mm, Seams - Glued and Blind Stitched, Zip - Chest Zip and Aqualock Waterproof Zip, Neoprene - E3 Neoprene & Freeflex Body, Warranty - 1 year workmanship and materials, Suit Description The Insulator is a core wetsuit offering high performance but also highly durable, with many high end features, providing great service and value. Features include Flash Lining in the Chest and Back Panels, E3 Neoprene throughout the arms and shoulders for greater paddling flexibility, and new Freeflex neoprene in the body. The Insulator is sealed with Glued and Blind Stitched Seams and Chest Zip preventing water entering the suit. The suit is finished with S-Flex knees, Seamless Underarms and Shoulders, and E3+ Handtape for overall comfort, durability and warmth. Expert Advice The Insulator is packed full of great features for the price. This is a warm suit that offers great value for money, and if looked after will serve you well.