Rip Curl Wetsuits - Rip Curl Boys Dawn Patrol 3/2mm Fl Shorty Wetsuit - Fluro Orange :: Boy > Wetsuits. Material: 100% SyntheticBluesteel Zip: Water resistant. steel-head zipper with a urethane coatingE4 Neoprene: Warm neoprene is light in weight. and has super-stretch properties\n in key performance panelsFreeflex Neoprene Body Panels: Empower the wearer to each his peak performanceFlatlock Stitching: Minimises chafing and allows water entry to regulate\n the wearer's body temperatueBatwing System: Minimises water entry and cold water flushesDistinctive colour-scheme: A hallmark of Rip CurlBoys' wetsuit3/2mm Perfect for warm and medium conditions Size: 07-8 YRS,09-10 YRS,11-12 YRS,13-14 YRS,15-16 YRS.