Rip Curl E Bomb Zip Free Wetsuit

Thats right, Rip Curl are releasing the E bomb pro wetsuit without a zip. The idea behind not having a zip is to increase the comfort and stretch of the wetsuit. I cant see that doing away with the zip will increase the stetch of the wetsuit, as this part of the wetsuit doesn’t see that much stretch. Also added benefits of doing away with the zip is to reduce flush. However, i cant see that it will reduce flush, as the wetsuit seems to have the same entry point for water to come through as the e bomb with the zip. Will doing away with the chest zip be beneficial, or just another marketing gimmick.  What will be interesting is to see if the price of this wetsuit is cheaper than the ebomb pro with a zip, or will it be less equals more cash!?

Getting in and out of the zip free wetsuit is a puzzle, but i think the shoulder panel will pull over the head and then the opposite shoulder.


E Bomb Pro Zip Free

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