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rhino board bag

There are lots of branded boardbags on the market and I have just about owned them all. My favourite brand is Rhino because they are competitively priced, offer great protection and last. Rhino have been making boardbags now for years and they have been a very popular brand in the UK and Europe.

Everybody knows that surfing abroad runs the risk of your surfboard being damaged whilst in transit, that’s why it’s important to buy a decent boardbag. If it’s a choice between buying a cheap 5mm padded bag, or a more expensive 10mm bag; I would always by the 10mm. 5mm day bags are great for light use, but if you decide you want to go surfing abroad, you will have to buy a 10 travel bag. What’s the point of buying two boardbags?

For last few years I have been using the Black Series from Rhino. This range is Rhinos premium boardbag, and offers 10mm high density foam padding to protect your surfboard from impact. The Black Series range comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit all surfboards.


As soon as I saw this boardbag I knew it was good quality, the whole boardbag feels very solid and robust. What I really liked about it was the extra room inside, even with a surfboard in the bag. The board still fits nice and snug, but there’s room to add extra padding, clothing or whatever if you wish. Extra padding when transporting abroad is never a bad thing.

The strap is well padded and adjustable, so if you are carrying a board and extra stuff inside the bag, the strap won’t be of any discomfort. Also, the strap can be easily stashed away when not needed. Located on the deck of the bag is a grab handle, which makes top loading on to the car easier.

rhino board bag padded straprhino board bag padded strap

Fin Slot:
If you own a longboard and don’t want to take the centre fin out, there is a zip slot which you can slot the fin through.

rhino board bag fin slot

Adjustable Slim Fit:
If you decide you want to take the centre fin out for international travel, you can use zips at the back of the bag to make the fit slimmer for a snug fit.

Stash Pocket:
In the tail area there is a stash pocket which is great for keeping spare fins, wax and leashes.

rhino board bag stash slot

Tail and Rail Protection:
My longboard has a very sharp pin tail, so this needs to be protected from smashes. What I liked about the Black Rhino is the bag has an extra flap which pulls over the tail; this adds 20mm of padding to the tail area. This extra padding also features around the rail areas of the bag.

rhino board bag tail protection

The top of the bag is made from heavy duty material and the bottom out of insulated plastic sheeting. My board is stashed inside this boardbag down the side of my garden shed, so its been hit by the elements. However, every time I use my surfboard, I’m really surprised how new the boardbag still looks. I have owned this board bag for nearly 7 years now and it’s had some heavy usage. It terms of durability this bag is rock solid!



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