Syncro wetsuits combine the higher end features of a cold water suit at the best possible value. Using a take down from AG47 Dry Flight Far Infrared Heat thermal lining is placed in the chest and back watershield to provide retained body heat. It also uses F Model: Hooded Syncro steamerFit: Fullsuit with hoodComposition: 92% Nylon/Polyamide 8% ElastaneEntry: chest zipThickness: 5/4mmFN Lite neoprene: This neoprene is packed with air cells for the lightest of lightweight warmthDry Flight far infrared heat technology thermal lining retains body heat by conducting it back into the liningTriple glued & blind stitched (GBS) seams that reduce sew throughs & water entry to keep you warmerThermal Smoothie Neoprene: Wind & water repellent to keep you warmer this thermal neoprene is incredibly flexibleEcto-Flex Knee pads: Durable lightweight and flexible outer knee pads that protect you and your board Wetsuits. Hydroshield Water Barrier: Stops water from entering the suit through\n the zipMaterials: 92% Nylon/ Polyamide. 8% ElastaneTemperature Rating: Suitable for water temperatures of 8 - 13 Degrees\n CelsiusThickness: 5/4/3mmFN Lite Neoprene: The lightest warmth with neoprene packed with air cellsDry Flight: Infared heat technology thermal lining to keep body heat by\n conducting it back into liningPockets: Interior key pocketThermal Smoothie Neoprene: Flexible neoprene that is wind and water repellentWater-block semi dry zip: Featuring coated. off-set teeth to create a\n watertight seal that minimises zip flushBoy's wetsuitGlideskin Neck Seal: Super smooth neoprene liner for extra comfort and\n protectionHydrowrap Neck Fastening: Adjustable neck fastening system for a watertight\n sealEcto-Flex Knees: Lightweight. durable and flexible knee padsGlued and Blind-stitched: Tripled glued. double stitc Size: 09-10 YRS,11-12 YRS,13-14 YRS.