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It was a couple of seasons ago i tested out the Quiksilver Cypher and frankly it was hugely disappointing. I tried out the 5/3mm version in the depths of winter and it leaked, which was about as useful as a chocolate fire guard. Well, at least you can eat a chocolate fire guard! Even though the wetsuit felt great on, it was one of the worst wetsuit experiences i have ever endured. So, its now summer 2013 and i have given the 3/2mm Cypher a few months testing; was it as shit as the previous version?

Move in the right direction?

When i received the new and revised version of the Cypher, i instantly checked the poly pro inside the wetsuit. The previous version of the Cypher featured glued and blind stitched seams, as well as critical seam taping inside the wetsuit. This sound excellent in theory, but when the tape was glued to the Polypro inside the wetsuit, this peeled away from the fleece and caused leaks through the seams. The taping was never going to create and water tight seal! Its a bit like gluing wetsuit tape to a carpet and expecting it to stay fixed! Gladly the new version of the Cypher had done away with the Mickey Mouse construction. Quiksilver have cleverly glued and blind stitched the seams, as well as sealing the seam on the out side of the wetsuit with a fine band of liquid taping. Compared with the liquid seals of yesterday, which were wider and bulkier, this new thin stuff was a move in the right direction.  The move towards the new thin liquid seal gives the wetsuit more stretch, weighs less and provides a water tight seal.

Cypher 2013 Polypro

Cypher Seams


Seams everywhere, loads of seams! Yes, one of the things i was slightly disappointed about was the amount of seams the wetsuit had. Compared with other top end wetsuits i have used, the Cyhper must have more seams than a clothing sweat shop in China. Even though the amount of extra seams, was in my tiny little mind excessive, it didn’t detract from the stretch, or performance of the wetsuit.

Quiksilver Seams too many


I have to say i’m a fan boy of the Rip Curl E Bomb for its super lightweight and stretchy neoprene. I didn’t think i would be swayed to any other brand for a summer wetsuit. However, after using the new improved Cypher, i wont be wearing a Rip Curl E Bomb anymore. The Cypher feels like a more superior wetsuit compared to the E Bomb in many ways. I would say its just as flexible and comfortable as the E Bomb. Even though the Cypher features Polyro and liquid taping i didn’t feel that this restricted the wetsuits stretch in anyway.

Chest Zip

The closed chest zip system was a doddle to use and was easy to get in and out of. The only thing i would like Quiksilver to change is the stupid, crap press stud which holds down the zip. This press stud looks nice, but its shit! Quiksilver have used the same press stud for a few seasons now and it always comes undone, fills with wax and the zip is left flapping around to stab your board! Quiksilver, please change this shit ass zip! Apart from the press stud, the zip was top notch and didn’t leak.

Cypher Chest Zip 2013


I tested this wetsuit in pretty cold water, around 11-15c and it kept me pretty warm. As the late winter finally moved into a decent summer i was comfortably warm in the Cypher and felt it was one of the best summer wetsuits i have tested in a long time. Another thing that did let it down was the ankle and wrist seals; there were none! I would get excessive flush in these areas, which isn’t too bad in summer, but in winter would be sketchy.

If Quiksilver would tighten up the wrist and ankles, get rid of the excessive seams, and do away with the shit press stud, i would be a very, very happy bunny. If you are in the market for a decent full stretch wetsuit for around £250, the Cypher would be a great investment!

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