Penny Longboards - Penny Royal Blue Longboard - 36 inch :: Unisex > Skateboards. Bolts: Colour- coded high tensile boltsStrong aluminium with powder-coated finishDeck Length: 36 inchesDeck Width: 9.5 inchesDeck Construction: Classic waffle design with non-slip topAdded granular textured grip for enhanced controlExtra strength and flex control with new secret composite plastic formulaBearings: Premium Abec 9 v-channel stainless steel bearingsWheels: 69mm. 83A wheels for a fast and smooth rideCamber: Half inch camber through length of deck combines with the board's natural flexThe camber also works with the inbuilt riser pads and side-to-side concave to enhance rider-abilityTrucks: Reverse Kingpin 7 inch (180mm) trucks provides greater stability and enhanced response Size: one size.