The main difference between this entry level wetsuit and the more expensive options is the stitching on the seams this wetsuit features Flatclock stitching this is cheaper to make and is not as warm as the more expensive glued and blind stitched style of seam. Flatlock stitching allows water to pass through the seams so it's not going to keep you as warm as a blind stitched wetsuit however it does allow you to get a well made comfortable wetsuit for a good price it will keep you warm in the hottest months and if you're just going to be surfing through the summer and don't want to invest in a more expensive wetsuit it's a good option. Other than the stitching the Reactor has many features you find on more expensive wetsuits the smooth neoprene on the chest and back prevents water soaking in and reduces the wind chill effect and the stretchy neoprene of the arms gives you flexibility to paddle even at the end of long summer sessions.Choosing the right thicknes :: Boy > Wetsuits. Double Super Seal Neck: Minimises water entering the wetsuitStrategic Seamless Paddle Zones: Reduces friction and increases comfortFlatlock Stitched Seams: Minimises chafingThickness: 3/2mmBoys' wetsuitKrypto Knee Pads: Ergonomic. comprehensive protection for your kneesBlackout Zipper: Offset teeth on an interlocking zipper help prevent water getting in through the back entry pointFluid Foam and FluidFlex material: Flexible and enables an excellent range of movement Size: 06 YRS,08 YRS,10 YRS,12 YRS.