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It seems that most of the brands are adopting this new ripper dipping for wetsuit accessories, such as wetsuit boots and gloves. So, what are the benefits to this new technology, and does it work? I tested a pair of the O’Neill Gooru wetsuit gloves to see if they were any good.

Why rubber dip?
Basically the idea behind the wetsuit glove being dipped in liquid rubber is to create a 100% seal. As the glove is coated in liquid rubber, there’s no jersey for the water to soak into. This means that the water wicks away from the glove and cuts down on wind chill.

O'Neill Gooru Glove Seams Sealed with rubber

When the gloves arrived I noticed that the gloves weren’t shinny as they are in the retail images. They gloves were a matt texture and very soft to touch. Another thing I noticed was how light these gloves were compared to other wetsuit gloves. The idea of slipping on some super lightweight gloves was most welcome. Carrying additional weight whilst winter surfing is bad news. Putting the gloves on and taking off was effortless. Even though the gloves felt rather tight, they also felt really comfortable. Inside the glove you wont find any poly pro, its just straight jersey, this also helps to reduce weight. Loacted in the wrist area is some silicon beading to prevent the wetsuit glove sliding.

ONeill gooru wrist silocon


Do they work?

I tested the 3mm version of the Gooru gloves in cold Cornish waters of around 9c over a few weeks. The Gooru glove performed well and didn’t balloon full of water as I was first expecting. My hands were toasty warm for around 90 minutes, and then my fingertips started to feel the cold slightly. I thought they did a good job in the water. These Gooru gloves were much more light-weight and easy on the arms than any wetsuit glove I had worn. I was impressed!

Will they last?
After a few uses I noticed a small hole located on the upper palm area, I have no idea how this hole got there. With continued use the larger the hole became, only a few sessions and the rubber dip gloves had failed me. However, the hole might have just been a manufacturing defect. To test this theory I let loose one of my largest and sharpest knives to the rubber. As you can see in my video review the glove survived my abuse! I guess if you treat the gloves well, they should last.

Oneill gooru split wetsuit glove

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  1. scott April 2, 2013 at 3:11 pm #

    looks like your gloves failed in the same place as mine did across the top of the palm. i was sent a replacement and they seem to be ok so far, no problems

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