Board Features Dow PE Core, High Density Slick, Crescent Tail, EXT Stringer, 55/45 Rails, Channels, Board Description The NMD NJoy bodyboard is aimed at the serious beginner or intermediate level bodyboarder who is looking for a board that will take them further down the line of the progression than a standard entry level board. The best part of the NJoy, at its low entry price point, is the fact it features the same PE (Polyethylene) Core as the Pro Models. Combine this with its robust and precise construction, has got to make the NJoy the best value entry in to bodyboarding available on the market. Not forgetting that this board has a stringer which really makes the difference between at this price point. The stringer makes the board alot stiffer making you go faster and catch waves easier. Further features include tail channels, which help increase the surface area of the slick, channelling water flow along the rail and hull for increased edge control. The hard wearing high density slick skin provides speed and overall stiffness. , Expert Advice The NJoy was designed to outperform cheapie bodyboards by utilising aspects of NMDs Pro models, but without the Pro pricetag. Dont be fooled by the cheap pricetag, the NJoy is still capable of performing in a range of waves and conditions to help you progress your bodyboarding to the next level mainly thanks the stringer inside the board which is very difficult to find at this pricepoint. , If youre unsure what Size of board you require here is a basic guide:, , 38ft Boards - up to 54ft / 7 stones 40ft Boards - up to 57 / 10 stones42ft Boards - up to 60ft / 14 stones 44ft Boards - up to 64ft / 17 stones 46ft Boards - over 64ft / 17 stones , , - Henry Churchill (Hardware Buyer) For more advice call 01243 674830. , Colours Here at we try and stock all our bodyboards in the largest selection of colours available. For these boards the first Colour Refers to the Deck Colour then Second the Slick (bottom) Colour and the Third the Rail Colour. e.g. YEL/ORG/BLACK Results in a Yellow Deck with an Orange Slick with Black on the Rails. If you do have any questions about the colours please feel free to contact us on 01243 674830 , Why Buy From We have been selling bodyboards online for over 10 years, Official European NMD Online Retailer, The Biggest Online Selection of NMD Bodyboards - Over 300 Boards in Stock, We have a real shop too! - Running over 30 Years, Expert advice - call us on 01243 674830, ,