Board Features NRG Core, Crescent Tail, Single Stringer, Surlyn Slick bottom, Channels, React Mesh, Bull Grips, REX Stringer, Deck Contours, Board Description The Base from NMD is one of the most popular bodyboards in the NMD range. Fantastic features and a great price point, giving you the features and cores of the Pro boards at a great price.The template is a great all round shape and good for both drop knee DK and prone riding. The NRG core with larger cells offers more flexibility, suitable for waters up to 24 c and a lighter overall board. The single string gives increased board strength, stiffness and spring like recoil. It clear to see why this is NMDs most popular model. , Expert Advice Looking to get the best board you can at the best price. The NMD Base is the board for you. The NRG core has now be proven to work great in the UK delivering a performance and the responsive feeling time after time. The Surlyn Slick is the best money can buy and the React Mesh ensures the board is nice and fast down the line. We know what our next board will be. , If youre unsure what Size of board you require here is a basic guide:, , 38ft Boards - up to 54ft / 7 stones 40ft Boards - up to 57 / 10 stones42ft Boards - up to 60ft / 14 stones 44ft Boards - up to 64ft / 17 stones 46ft Boards - over 64ft / 17 stones , , - Henry Churchill (Hardware Buyer) For more advice call 01243 674830. , Colours Here at we try and stock all our bodyboards in the largest selection of colours available. For these boards the first Colour Refers to the Deck Colour then Second the Slick (bottom) Colour and the Third the Rail Colour. e.g. YEL/ORG/BLACK Results in a Yellow Deck with an Orange Slick with Black on the Rails. If you do have any questions about the colours please feel free to contact us on 01243 674830 , Why Buy From We have been selling bodyboards online for over 10 years, Official European NMD Online Retailer, The Biggest Online Selection of NMD Bodyboards - Over 300 Boards in Stock, We have a real shop too! - Running over 30 Years, Expert advice - call us on 01243 674830,