Simply put Thom Rigby is one of the very best riders in the world today. He is a cool collected cat on the beach once in the water though his radical approach is only overshadowed by his naturally smooth style which is the envy of all that watch him. "My board is a really functional all-round shape I can count on it to ride epic in any type of conditions. The main reason it works well for me is because it's super fast and I love going as fast as possible. Yet it still has enough curve to control that speed for destroying sections and blasting airs!" - Thom Rigby :: Unisex > Surfboards. Graduated Channels: Greatly enhance control and drive55/45 rails: A strong rail that's perfect for deep. hollow barrelsTempate: The RigHD Slick: A durable layer that creates speed and stiffnessTail: CresentScreened deck/slick print: Durable deck graphics for a good looking board\n that stands the test of time1 X RCS stringer: Perfect balance of strength and recoil for flex and\n projection Deck: Wavecushion AIR 8LB PE" Size: one size.