The Axis wetsuit has super stretchy neoprene throughout so it's going to offer a good level of stretch compared to a cheaper wetsuit there is slick skin style neoprene on the front and back which helps avoid wind chill by not allowing water to soak in.A shortie wetsuit will give you excellent freedom of movement so it's ideal for surfing in warm water or other activities that don't involve being in the water all the time but require a lot of movement like stand up paddling kayaking or sailing.You get the quick drying polypro lining that you find in other Xcel wetsuits on the chest and back panels it makes the wetsuit more comfortable and gives you more insulation and warmth than an un-lined wetsuit.Seams are Glued and blind stitched for a good seal there isn't any tape on the inside which gives you a bit more flexibility than some other types of seal.Choosing the right thickness for you This is a 2mm wetsuit it has 2mm panels throughout the wet :: Men > Wetsuits Size: MEDIUM SHORT,MEDIUM TALL,one size.