These dipped gloves allow you to wear a thinner glove than you would normally by stopping any water getting inside the liquid neoprene creates a seal around the glove. For the surfer who really doesn't want to wear thick gloves if they can help it but live somewhere pretty cold a 4mm pair of dipped gloves are perfect we've worn these ourselves and really benefited from the extra dexterity they offer. You do have to be more careful with this style of glove as it's thinner it's easier to tear them so a little more care is needed if you're surfing somewhere rocky on the plus side you're hands are warm the grip is great from the palm and it feels much more natural than a thicker pair of gloves.As part of Xcel's Comp range you can expect nothing but the very top performance so as well as dipped neoprene sealing all the seams they've been updated this season with stitchless seams so there really is not water getting in and no hinderance to the lightweight extra str :: Men > Wetsuits Size: X-Large.