Rip Curl's 2mm Rubber Soul gloves are dipped in latex to seal them and prevent water getting in this allows you to wear thinner gloves than you would do normally and still stay warm. The liquid neoprene covering also helps water drain off and prevents wind chill just like the single lined slick skin panels on wetsuits. We've used these gloves with a decent winter wetsuit through the whole winter in the South West of the UK you have to be careful when taking them off as they can tear but it's worth it if you don't get on worth gloves and want the most comfortable option available. The new Rubber Soul glove has been dipped in liquid neoprene resulting in the ultimate in seam sealing technology. More warmth durability flexibility and simplicity gives surfers a great solution to the search for the ultimate surfing glove. :: Men > Wetsuits. Rip Curl Flash Bomb wetsuit glovesSeam Sealing technologyPlease Note: Unfortunately we are unable to ship this product to AustraliaMore warmth. durability. flexibility and simplicityDipped in liquid neoprene Size: X-Large,one size.