The world's fastest-drying wetsuit the Flashbomb incorporates all of the technical capabilities that you need to perform to your peak. Rip Curl have been creating top-class wetties since 1969 but this time they've blown the barriers wide open to give you the maximum in performance comfort and durability. :: Men > Wetsuits. Knee-pads: Protect your knees from abrasions and impactWomen's wetsuitThickness: 5/4 mmBack-zip fastening Easy entrance/exitE4 Neoprene: The lightest. most flexible neoprene in the Rip Curl rangeE4 Neoprene Sponge: Is an excellent second layerFlashdry Layer 2: Rapidly funnels water out of the wetsuitFlashdry Layer 1: Wicks moisture away from the body towards the outer\n layers of the wetsuitInternal E4 Taped Seams: Prevents water entryDurable construction: Built to last Size: X-Large,MEDIUM TALL,LARGE TALL,Small.