Flash lining - an engineered new weave technology that funnels water rapidly out of the hood once hung up to dry super quick. The fluffyness of its construction also lends an aspect of insulation. Flash liningE3 action panel on neck to allow unrestricted movementSmooth skin exterior to reduce wind chillEngineered 3D pre-shaped chin cupCord lock down (closed-face styleGasket neck seal :: Men > Wetsuits. Flashdry lining is also one of the warmest and most comfortable linings usedRip Curl Wetsuit hoodSmooth skin Exterior: Repels water rather than absorbing anyFlashdry lining: Two engineered layers wick water out of the hood to created the fastest drying hood on the marketE4 taped: E4+ super stretch tape allows for maximum movement whilst offering incredible seam sealCord and slimline lock: Combined with a closed face design help to prevent water entering through the face areaInternal Neck gasket: Prevents water flushing through your wetsuit via the hoodEngineered chin up: Uses a 3D pre-shaped design to help make your jaw as comfortable as possible Size: X-Large,X-Small,Medium.