The E-Bomb Plus equips you fantastically for everything the ocean will throw at you. Pro-level performance with exceptional stretch that combines all the very latest neoprene technology. :: Men > Wetsuits. Chest Zip: Eliminates back water flushing and the need for a long back zipE4 Action Panel: Seamless panel that runs through the arms. back and around the knees. For optimum movementE4 Taping: Allows for maximum seam stretch while giving ultimate seam sealing and comfortE4 Neoprene: Some of the lightest. warmest neoprene ever with super stretch propertiesS-Flex Knees: Highly flexible & durable kneepads. For maximum movement and long-lasting useDrainage System: 3 hole drainage system allows excess water to drain freelyGlued Blindstitched Seams: Triple glued. double stitched seam allows high stretch. strength & minimal water entryPlease Note: Unfortunately we are unable to ship this product to Australia Size: MEDIUM TALL,Large.