The Basic Dawn patrol wetsuit has had a make-over this season it now boasts super stretchy neoprene all over and thick lining on the inside of the back panel as well as an innovative back zip pull cord design. Rip Curl use two types of neoprene in the Dawn Patrol one is the E4 that you find on their high end range which is used on the upper body and lower legs areas that need the most flexibility the other feels pretty good but is not as stretchy and makes is used on the torso and body panels. The Flash lining is not as thick as on the Flash Bomb wetsuits but it's a welcome addition to the slick skin style back panel helping keep you that bit warmer especially if there's a cold wind blowing. A front zip gives you more flexibility and less flushing than a back zip if you haven't had one before you'll find it takes a little bit of getting used to but everyone we've dealt with has got used to the entry and exit quickly and benefited form the design. Wit :: Men > Wetsuits. S-Flex Knees: Highly flexible & durable kneepads. For maximum movement\n and long-lasting useSeamless Technology: Stitchless shoulders & underarms. Seamless to stretch\n further and eliminate pin hole leakingChest Zip: Eliminates back water flushing and the need for a long back\n zipPlease Note: Unfortunately we are unable to ship this product to AustraliaBluesteel Zip: New improved water resistant. steel head zipper with a\n urethane coatingE4 Neoprene: The lightest. warmest neoprene ever with super stretch properties Size: X-Large,LARGE TALL,Medium,Small.