Rip Curl Watches - Rip Curl Search Gps Watch - White :: Men > Watches. Speed Calculator: The watch can log exactly how fast you surf and lets you compare speeds with friendsRe-live your sessions: Data can be synced via Bluetooth to the Rip Curl SearchGPS AppMemory Capacity: 12hrs GPS OperationYou can also compare stats and follow what the Pros are up toDownload the Search App: Create your own profile and check out stats from the ProsThe watch can also track where you take off from. longest rides and can compare your daily sessionsWave tracker: The GPS watch can track exactly how many waves you catch in a sessionBattery Life Time: 6-10 months. Up to 10 hours GPS mode (rechargeable)Navigation: Three simple buttons with one touch auto-set to set tide and timeLine Up Assessment: See every wave you surf. specific to your position in the lineupWater Resistance: Waterproofing 100mTime tracker: Find out exactly how much time you spend in the waterJoin the Community: The Rip Curl Search Size: one size.