Note: O'Neill Wetsuit products can only be shipped and delivered to customers within the European Union (EU) O'Neills Hyperfreak range feature their comfortable flexible neoprene called Technobutter it absorbs less water and weighs less than regular neoprene and we've found that it feels great against the skin too. A 2mm full wetsuit is a great alternative to a short armed or short legged wetsuit if you're surfing somewhere with strong winds like the canary islands or Morocco and you want protection from wind chill and the sun. The double layer of neoprene on the neck helps avoid rubbing by allowing the neck to roll up and down as it moves.Choosing the right thickness for you This is a 2mm wetsuit it has 2mm panels throughout the wetsuit. The best thickness of wetsuit for you depends mostly on where and what time of year you will be surfing 2mm is the most popular thickness for summer wetsuits in the warmer parts of Europe. :: Men > Wetsuits Size: X-Large,MEDIUM TALL.