TECHNOBUTTER 2-AIR FIREWALLIdentical features to TechnoButter with the addition of air technology. TechnoButter Air technology is a complex 3D structure of neoprene and trapped air. Think double pane windows more air = more warmth. The TechnoButter Firewall inner lining is 20% Lighter and has 30% less water absorption resulting in the warmest lightest and fastest drying material available. TechnoButter 2 - Air FirewallExternal fluid seam weldInterior taped seamsIntegrated arch supportDeep split toe for improved balanceLeash stop toe guardHeel pull tabAnti-flush shin strapForefoot cinch Velcro system :: Men > Wetsuits Size: UK 05,UK 06,UK 07,UK 08,UK 10,UK 11,UK 12.