MELANIN INFUSED LENSESElectric's Melanin infused lenses do the job that the pigment in your skin does that tans rather than burns. Offering 100% UV protection they also filter up to 98% HEV blue light for clearer vision and enhanced contrast as well as preserving your visual health from the degenerative effects that blue light has on your retina. This unique lens pigmentation isn't just a colour trick. It functions as the equivalent of SPF 140 for your eye and also the delicate skin area around them protecting you against sun damage and potential wrinkles. For people whose lifestyle is all about the outdoors and living in sunlight it's worth the investment into proper sun protection for such a delicate and essential part of the body. GRILAMID FRAMEGrilamid frames have high tensile strength to retain shape for optimal fit. This material is extremely impact resistant while still being flexible light weight and durable. Unisex design100% UV p :: Men > Sunglasses. The frame will retain its shape under all temperatures and is impact resistant and light weight8 Base Melanin Infused Polycarbonate Lens: Infused with health preserving melanin98% blue light protectionExtremely light weight with excellent visual clarity and definition100% UV protection5 Barrel Hinge8 Base Mould Injected Grilamid Frame: High tensile strength plasticCalifornia designed. made in Italy Size: one size.