Why our wax? Our wax is the only non-toxic biodegradable petroleumfree no synthetic chemicals eco-friendly surf wax made using localingredients in California. We strive for environmental quality andethics in our business by making ecologically friendly surf productsthat do not have negative effects on our environment. We do notoutsource our production or ingredients to other countries. We getour ingredients from local farms straight from the source in theirpurest and most raw forms. We do not use chemicals or additives inour wax. Matunas wax is 100% Natural Surf Wax.Does it work the same as other waxes? Our wax remains sticky andtacky during surf sessions and applies easily with instant bumpsproviding excellent traction. A square mold is used which has adiagonal breakaway which makes it easy to break into two trianglebars. Years of research and development have gone into developingMatunas and we wouldn't have the support from our team riders ifMatunas wax didn't work. :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. Eco-friendly surf waxMade for water temperatures of 15C & BelowBiodegradableNon-toxicMade using local organic ingredients in Santa Cruz. California Size: one size.