- Flat deck for floatation- Lower rail shape for ease of rail turn- Wave height: 0-4ft- 3 fin/thruster set up- Length: 6ft- Width: 20''- Thickness: 2 1/2''BLAK BOX offers a fuller curvy outline with a higher and more defined hip pulled from the fins into a nice straight directional tail curve through to the wider tail pod. The entry is super flat with a double scoop concave under the chest leading into relatively deeper double concave between the fins and single concave exit out through the wider tail.The deck is flat giving the board an overall feeling of extra forgiveness which allows you to ride this board thinner than a normal performance board. You will find this board fast in flat sections because extra foam has been left under your chest and front foot. Ride this board 3-4 inches shorter than normal. :: Unisex > Surfboards Size: one size.