, Suit: HURLEY FUSION 302 CZ 3/2 TS WETSUIT 2015 Navy Thickness - 3/2mm, Seams - 100% SCS split neoprene tape, Zip - Chest Zip, Neoprene - Chest and back Fine Mesh Exoflex and Exoflex, Knee shield - Supratex abrasion resistant jersey, External Key Pocket with Loop, Anatomical seam placement, Liquid tape cuff seals, Minimal Seam Design, Warranty - 1 year workmanship and materials, Suit Description The new Hurley Fusion Wetsuits have landed. The zip is a No.8 YKK and is open ended meaning it is open at both ends & has no stress points. The closure has a break in the shoulder allowing the suit to be more flexible having only 1 layer of neoprene Hurley have used split neoprene tape. This is a very labor-intensive process, as it has to be done by hand & wont crack like liquid tape Hurley have also triple glued the seam with a compression bonded blind stitch on the exterior On the interior Hurley have used a hollow fiber yarn, which is air rated to increase the warmth along with a jacquard pattern to reduce contact with the skin Hurley suits have been anatomically designed to work with the body. All seams are in ftCOMPRESSIONft areas not ftEXPANSIONft areas. Expert Advice Hurley Wetsuits have been on the market for many years and if we are honest initially in the early generations they wernt all that good. That has all changed now. Hurley have decided to just focus on one suit and deliver the best possible balance between performance and warmth they can. Working closely with there athletes such as John John and Julian Wilson they have developed the Fusion Range. A 100% Stretch Front Zip fully taped great looking suit. Some of our shop riders have bought into the 3/2 versions for mid season wear and they are loving them. Quality is there and they are something different instead of the same old black suits. We cant rate these new suits highly enough. Our philopshy at Shore for the last 30 years has been to only stock Wetsuit brands we believe last and actually perform so the Shore approval has now be granted to these awesome looking suits. For more advice call 01243 674830. , Why Buy From We started selling wetsuits over 30 years ago, We use the suits we sell, call our friendly staff for advice on 01243 674830, Our store has europes largest dedicated wetsuit showroom, No hassle returns policy, if its not right just send it back for a full refund or exchange , ,