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Hopefully this summer will be a blazing hot occasion. Protecting your skin in the water is just as important as protecting it out of the water. In fact, your skin is likely to suffer more damage from the sun in the water, than it is out of the water. This is because the water on your skin acts like a magnifying glass and increases the potency of the suns UV rays. It is a big mistake to use normal sun lotion for use in the water, even if it is water resistant. Whilst surfing sun lotion will wash off the skin, and leave your skin unprotected and result in your skin burning. Also another downside of using sun lotion in the water is that fact that it will run in your eyes and cause irritation.

Which sun protection shall i use?

Luckily there’s a product called head hunter which is suitable for heavy water usage by surfers and other watersport enthusiasts. I have been using this particular sun screen for a few years and it certainly does the job. Even in the winter months i will apply head hunter because it provides a great defense against the sun. An 88ml bottle has lasted me around 6 months, and only costs £9. Another added bonus is that it stays on the skin even after a very long session in the water. Also head hunter doesn’t run into your eyes, so there’s no irritation.  The consistency of head hunter sunscreen is almost paste like and when its applied it doesn’t absorb into your skin like suncream. For the correct application there needs to be a thin layer covering the skin, this is what blocks out the suns UV rays. 

headhunter sunscreen review

If you are looking to protect your skin throughout the year i would grab a bottle of head hunter


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  1. Ash May 21, 2013 at 3:21 pm #

    heaD hunter is good stuff for sure. The only thing is it doesnt smell great, not like sun lotion. Say that though, it stops your face from burning!

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