The Shred Sled has been designed for a surfer wanting a board that can be used for waves 2ft up 6 possibly even 8ft. The basis for the design behind the Shred Sled is a fishy shape with a nip and tuck here and there. Donâ€t let the short and wide design trick you into thinking that this is a small wave board thanks to the unique and radical outline this board can perform in just about anything.The full plan shape provides the board with unreal down the line speed and paddle power getting you into waves earlier. The tail of the board is a slightly larger than normal round tail giving the shred sled versatility in all types of waves and a really responsive feeling when surfed on the rear foot. Thanks to the winged tail the Shred Sled the outline stays straighter for longer which adds monumental amounts of speed from the take off and down the line. The Shred Sled is Designed to be ridden 4-5 inches shorter and à‚¾ to 1 inch wider than your average performance shortbo :: Unisex > Surfboards. Construction: FutureFlex EPSLow rocker: To optimize speed and driveFins: Thruster future finsSingle to double concave: To help direct water release for speed and maneuverabilitySuited Conditions: 1' to 8' wavesAbility level: Intermediate to advancedApprox weight range: 90kg +Tail: Rounded pin tailThickness: 2 1/2''Width: 19 3/4''Length: 6'2'' Size: one size.