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Its that time of year when people go on holiday and want to take their surfboards with them. If you have a van, or a car with a roof rack you are sorted. However, if you have a car without a roof rack and its packed full with camping gear, you will most likely want to transport your surfboards on the roof of your car. Buying a roof rack for your car can be expensive, especially if you only intend to use it just for a couple of weeks holiday. So what is the solution to transporting surfboards without it costing a great deal?

Well, there is a solution and they are called wrap racks. The wrap racks work by ratchet straps securing the surfboards to the roof of the car. There are two pads which the boards sit on and the ratchet straps secure the boards to the pads. The ratchet straps attached to the pads are secured through the doors of the car.

There are many different branded wrap racks on the market, most of them have the same system. I have tried a few brands such as Creatures of leisure, Rhinos and North core wrap racks and all of them worked really well. They provide a fast, easy and cost effective way to transport up to 6 boards at a time.

I was sent a wrap rack system called HandiRack to review, the difference with this system is the pads are inflatable instead of being made from foam.

As i unpacked the HandiRack from the box i was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a compact size and much smaller than a conventional wrap rack. It was also a lot lighter, even with the pump and inflatable pads. The Handi Rack didn’t feel flimsy, or cheap, it felt pretty robust

Installation was straight forward, it took around 15 minutes to fit and secure the boards. After fitting the handirack a few times, i think the installation time would be easier. Reading the instructions thoroughly is advisable because you don’t want your boards flying off the back of the car and killing somebody driving behind you.

So why the inflatable pads? Too be honest i have no idea why the Handirack has inflatable pads? The maximum weight the Hanirack can carry is 80kg. A standard wrap rack can hold up to 6 boards which weigh around 15kg each; totaling 90kg.  I guess the Handirack would be a worth while investment if you wanted a multipurpose roof rack. However, the Handirack retails at £55 which is £15 more expensive than a conventional wrap rack. If you want just wanted to transport surfboards the handirack is not a worth while investment.

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