3 piece Copperhead Arch Kick Wedge :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. Three pieceIndustrial grade adhesive is used to ensure the pad stays stuck to your boardAztec Grooves: Multiple layers to match the variety of pressures placed on the\n pad by the surferCopperhead Arch:Kick Wedge: Moderate height and taper for all-round performanceIncreased sensitivity when the foot is forward in a trimming position. High-density\n foam3-dimensional. tapered. delta-shaped arch. Designed to lock the foot into the\n back of the pad for hard turningDesigned for wider tailed boardsMaximizes area for adhesion. increasing strength of kickMinimizes interference with water flow around the rails of the tail to reduce\n dragMinimizes weight and maintains a moderately high and steep kick for performance\n surfingRoundhead Wedge: Size: one size.