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Back in the sixties surfing changed for ever! The change was to ride boards which were shorter and more responsive. Back in the early days of surfing it wasn’t unusual to ride a board which was 16ft long; that was the norm.  The longboards golden age gave way to the shortboard.

Going Vertical documents the revolution of the shortboard and how legendary shapers Bob Mctavish and Dick Brewer started it. Which of these legendary shapers started the shortboard revolution? Both Mctavish and Brewer claim to have started the progression of the shortboard. Was the shortboard revolution started in Hawaii by Dick Brewer, or was it started in Austraila by Bob Mctavish? The film shows their bitter rivalry and how it all started.

Going vertical is jammed packed of all the surfing legends from bygone days to the present day. If you are interested in the history of surfing and surfboard shapes, this film will be right up your alley. I can’t imagine a surfer who wouldn’t be interested in the content of this film. Not only is the history of Bob Mctavish and Dick Brewer covered, but there is wealth of surf culture which is documented. If you are a fan of Endless Summer, this film will definitely appeal to you.  It’s the time where the best surfers in the world were dropping LSD and surfing Pipe Line on longboards!

The whole film is well made and features some really sweet vintage film footage. Will Mctavish and Brewer make up and agree who started the shortboard revoloution? Watch the film to find out, it’s worth it!



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Going vertical is a surf movie which documents the staring point of the shortboard as we know it today. Features pioneering shapers Bob Mctavish and Dick Brewer as well as many other surfing legends.
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