This versatile quad set combines exceptional acceleration on the open face with reliable performance in hollow critical sections. Ideal for heavier surfers who like to surf on rail. Features FCS M-7 in the side paired with FCS G-1000 centres in the rear. Superb quad choice for a larger surfer. :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. Base: Front: 4.52'' / 115mm Rear: 4.10'' / 104mmGlass Flex Construction: Formulated to replicate the flex and memory properties of traditional hand laid fibreglassOptimum rider weight range: 165lbs - 198lbs / 75-90kgFoil: Front: Inside foil technology Rear: 50/50Sweep: Front: 33 degrees Rear: 32.4 degreesArea: Front: 15.71'' / 10137mm Rear: 12.64'' / 8158mmDepth: Front: 4.67'' / 119mm Rear: 4.26'' / 108mmHold: High hold ratingPivot Long arc ratingDrive: High drive rating Size: one size.