Suitable Conditions: Wide range of conditions, from beach to point breaks; Board types: Performance boards with deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker; Optimum Weight Range: Under 75KG - 90KG; Front fin specs: Base: 4.52'' / 115mm; Depth: 4.67'' / 119mm; Area: 15.71'' / 10137mm; Sweep: 33; Foil: Flat; Rear fin specs: Base: 4.10'' / 104mm; Depth: 4.26'' / 108mm; Area: 12.64'' / 8158mm; Sweep: 32.4; A great all-rounder, this quad (4 fin) set provides control when carving on the open face and reliability in hollow, critical sections. Ideal for lighter surfers who like to surf on rail. :: Unisex > Surf Accessories Size: Large.