Dimensions: 9'1'' X 22 1/2'' X 3'' 71.2; Rider ability: Beginner to Pro, this board is a great all round long board; Suitable Conditions: 1-6ft; Construction: Bamboo Epoxy - Light, strong and super responsive; Template: Long, wide and thick, giving the board heaps of volume and buoyancy; Nose: Rounder nose holding volume and making paddling easier as well as being perfect for nose riding; Tail: Round tail offering versatility and responsiveness; Bottom shape: Deep concave and rolled rail shape; Fins: 2 +1; The mid centre bending curvature lets you nose ride with ease, get back to tilt up the face or ride on the tail at speed. The nose area maximises your nose riding time, and with a deep concave and rolled rail shape you can hold a steep wall predictably. The tail width is narrowed, so the outline permits high powered turns off the tail at lightning speeds.Mesmerising when punching the lip or laying into heavy cut backs, the 9'1'' has the Longboard fin Multisystem, which allows the usual tri fin and single fin combinations along with a variety of others. The recommended fin size for the Quad are all M2 sizes or a similar total fin area. For larger waves, increasing the size of the tail fins will accommodate your needs. :: Unisex > Surfboards Size: 9ft 1.