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I won’t bash on about surfers ear, if you don’t know what it is read this article http://www.freakfish.co.uk/exostosis-surfers-ear/

I have been testing a few products which prevent surfer’s ear. The problem with ear plugs is that they block your hearing, which impairs your balance which isn’t good when surfing. I was sent a bottle of this stuff called Earol, which is a light grade olive oil which is sprayed inside the ear. The oil acts as a water resistant membrane inside the ear, which stops water entering the ear canal.


Earol ApplicationEarol

At first i wasn’t sure i should be spraying oil in my ears! However, after doing some research i discovered that spraying olive oil in ears was used by doctors to loosen ear wax before syringing. Earol is a very similar type of oil which is used to loosen up ear wax by doctors, so when it is sprayed into the ear it will disperse. 

Does it work?

By using the spray applicator, a couple of squirts are enough to cover the opening to the ear canal. The oil does run, but don’t be alarmed as the coating stays in place. The great thing is that there’s no loss of hearing what so ever when it’s applied; this was a massive bonus. There wasn’t any odd feeling inside the ear like when wearing conventional ear plugs.  The big question was, will the oil disperse from the ear when being washed around in a close out? It was quite amazing that the oil stayed in place throughout all my sessions, even with heavy surf. After coming out of the water, within a few hours the oil dispersed from the ear and it also got rid of built up wax within my ears. The other good thing about Earol is that the olive oil is also blended with tea tree oil, this acts as a natural antiseptic which helps reduce ear infections.

How much does it cost?
The size of the bottle is very small and contains 10ml of the spray which doesn’t sound a lot, but each bottle should contain around 200 doses. The RRP for the 10ml bottle is around £9.00, which I think is a good price. Even though the product isn’t infinite, being able to hear ultra-clearly is worth paying £9.00 after every 200 uses.


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  1. bambam July 11, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

    I tried another oil based product like this and it works a treat. Lasts ages and you can hear clear.

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