Cookies & privacy

What are cookies?

Freakfish Surf Shop values your privacy. We do not intend to invade your privacy in any way or to collect personally identifiable information about our website visitors.

This site uses cookies, which is common practice in almost all professional websites. Cookies are very small files that are downloaded to your computer to improve your experience. This page describes what information the cookies gather, how we use the information and why we sometimes need to store cookies. For more general information on cookies, please see the Wikipedia article about HTTP Cookies.

Freakfish Surf Shop cookies

The Freakfish Surf Shop website uses cookies for a variety of reasons.


Freakfish Surf Shop receives an affiliate commission when a visitor clicks a link to one of our product websites and then goes on to make a purchase. When you click a link to visit a product website, a cookie is set in your browser containing the affiliate ID. These are set up the Datafeedr service which powers the Shop part of our website, in conjunction with webgains. If you make a purchase from the website, this cookie will identify you as having come from the Ride On Surf Shop website so that we can be awarded the commission. This will happen whether you make the purchase immediately or up to a year later, at which point the cookies will expire.

Please see the webgains cookies page for more information.

WordPress Comments

WordPress (the software used to power this website) will use these if you leave a review. This is for your convenience, so you won’t need to re-type all your information again when you want to leave another review. The cookies expire after just under 1 year.

Twitter feed

The latest Tweets from Freakfish Surf Shop are displayed in the right hand column of our website. The Twitter feed uses third party cookies which are set by Twitter and expire after beween 1 week and 2 years. The cookies identify you to Twitter: if you are currently logged into Twitter then Twitter will know that you are visiting our website. It allows Twitter to track how people are using Twitter feeds. The cookies also store your computer’s IP address.

If you are not logged into Twitter then Twitter will assign a unique code to track your visit to the website. If you use the same web browser to create a Twitter account in future then Twitter will know that you visited our site.

Please see the Twitter feed cookie policy for more infomation.

Facebook Comments

Facebook sets cookies if you are logged into Facebook and leave a comment on one of our products. This makes it easy for you to add a comment and share products through the social network.

Please see the Facebook cookies policy for more information.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics places cookies from every page of our website to collect statistics on how people are using the site. They track things such as how long you spend on the site and the pages that you visit so we can continue to produce content that is useful and interesting to you. These cookies automatically expire either immediately or after between 30 minutes to 2 years.

Opting out of cookies

Since cookies are needed for this website to work correctly, if you do not wish for cookies to be set then we advise you not to use this site.