Length: 5ft 2; Width: 20 3/4 inches; Thickness: 2 inches; Construction: Innovative 'Bamboo Laminate Technology' sandwich construction; Core: EPS high density pressurised core; Deck: Extra PVC 'DV Cell' reinforcement on deck; Reinforcement CrosslinkTM reinforcement material with multi-layers of premium European fibre-glass; Stringer: Unidirectional full length wood stringer for strength and controlled flex; Resin: Premium European epoxy resin throughout; Finish: Gloss lacquer finish; Fin Setup: 5 fins. Super-tough 'SurfinZ' fins and finbox units; Round Tail: Good traction and maintains speed in slower spots; Shaped by Jeff Townsley: Icon of British board-making with decades of experience; Made for lighter wind conditions and small to medium sized waves. :: Unisex > Kiteboards Size: one size.