Custom hand shaped with gloss lacquer finish; EPS pressurised foam core; Unidirectional wooden stringer for strength and controlled flex; Incorporating Circle One's innovative ''Bamboo Laminate'' technology; Reinforced rail, nose and tail; Super tough ''Surfinz'' fins and finbox units (FCS compatible); Length: 8 ft 6 inches; Width: 22.75 inches; Depth: 2.75 inches; Tail shape: Round Pin; Fin set up: 2 side fins with 8 inch centre fin; Bottom contour: Single concave to slight V in Tail; Environmentally-friendly board with great flex and an exceptional strength to weight ratio. Versatile board that's as agile as a large mini-mal whilst also introducing certain aspects of long board style and flair. A larger board for a larger repertoire of surfing moves. :: Unisex > Surfboards Size: one size.