A great value short wetsuit will keep you warm and offer some protection from the wind ideal for the warmest months in the UK or for summer surfing in warmer parts of Europe.Choosing the right thickness for you This is a 2mm wetsuit it has 2mm panels throughout the wetsuit. The best thickness of wetsuit for you depends mostly on where and what time of year you will be surfing 2mm is the most popular thickness for summer wetsuits in the warmer parts of Europe. E4 NeopreneUltralite NeopreneMesh Arm SealsMesh Leg SealsMesh Skin Chest and Back Panels :: Young Boy > Wetsuits. Kids's wetsuitDurable construction: Built to lastUltraline finish: Soft next to your skinShorty design: Offering maximum freedom of movementBack-zip fasteningHydroloc collar: Prevents water entryFreeflex Neoprene: Doesn't inhibit your full range of natural movementFlatlock Stitching: Minimises chafing. is very flexible. and allows water to enter the suit to regulate the wearer's temp Size: one size,04 YRS.