Designed by former professional and WCT surfer Richie Lovett the 7S Salt Shaker is a hybrid shape designed for smaller waves with less grunt in the 2-6ft range. The board offers a hugely responsive and a unique feel thanks to the revolutionary Carbon Vector Technology.The outline of the Salt Shaker has additional width through the mid section and nose. The additional foam and extra surface area helps the board through flatter sections and wobbly areas of the wave. However donâ€t let the wider outline deceive you thanks to the tapered nose and square tail and salt shaker can still be put on rail for carves and performs well in the pocket.The Salt Shaker has a fairly smooth rocker that remains moderate from nose to the tail. This helps to maintain speed through weak sections and rail to rail transitional surfing. The full rails provide the board with down the line speed and forgiveness when the conditions are slightly tougher. The salt shaker is a great all round board :: Unisex > Surfboards. Nose: A tapered nose design that helps to generate huge amounts of speed off the mark and paddles wellTemplate: Hybrid performance shortboard outline with additional width through the mid sectionRails: Full. boxy rails that generate speed. helps with paddle ability and forgiveness in weaker surfTail: The rounded square tail provides the board with huges amounts of versatility and performanceConcave: Single to a doubleConstruction: Carbon VectorSuitable Conditions: 2 - 6 ftRider ability: Intermediate to advanceFins: FCS II (Included) Size: 5FT 8,5ft 10,6ft 2.