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Quiksilver Cypher 3/2mm Wetsuit Reviewnot yet reviewed
Xcel X Flex 3/2mm Reviewnot yet reviewed
Gul Profile 3/2mm Wetsuit Reviewnot yet reviewed
Going Vertical Reviewnot yet reviewed
Handi Rack Reveiwnot yet reviewed
Surfboard Insurance Reviewnot yet reviewed
Earol Olive Oil Spray Reviewnot yet reviewed
Head Hunter Sunscreen Reviewnot yet reviewed
Seals Ear Plugs Reviewnot yet reviewed
O’Neill Gooru Wetsuit Gloves Reviewnot yet reviewed

    Welcome to my Surf Shop

    Freakfish is a surf shop and surf blog created by me, Adam Robinson. I’m a surfer from Porthtowan, Cornwall and I love to surf most days. It was always a dream for me to move to Cornwall right from an early age. I spent many summers in Cornwall on holiday with my parents, and always longed to stay. I finally moved to Cornwall from Nottingham in 2007, because I was sick of being a land locked surfer. Some days me and my friend would drive 6 hours and back the same day just to surf in the South West.

    As surfing was a big part of my life I started Freakfish Surf Shop so I could use and sell the equipment i needed for my favorite sport. My surf shops website has been established since 2004, and I have a lot of experience in using and selling surf equipment. Now my website hosts a store with handpicked surf equipment and surf clothing from leading UK surf shops. I provide readers with detailed and non-bias wetsuit reviews, as well as testing and reviewing general surf gear.

    Freakfish surf shops website enables the customer to shop with ease and purchase the best surf products at the best prices. Saves time endlessly searching online for surfing gear at the right price.  Find the largest selections of wetsuits within the UK from all the best brands and retailers. Search a huge range of surfboards, surf clothing and other surf equipment.